Kevin Kozin, MTS, LICSW
Psychotherapy and Grief Counseling

76 Bedford Street, Suite 25
Lexington, MA 02420

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Grief Counseling
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"All change is loss, and all loss needs to be mourned." - Harry Levinson

The way we get through grief and loss is together - not alone. Sometimes, when people experience a loss, they don't have the supports and tools they need to work through the loss in a healthy way. There can be an emptiness, darkness, or numbness that accompanies loss and it can feel like one will never recover. In my practice, I provide expert guidance for children, adults, couples and families in working through losses of all kinds including: child loss, sibling loss, parental loss, aging related loss, loss of a home, loss of mobility, loss of faith, loss of family, relationship loss, loss of identity, and loss of hope. Working with each kind of loss requires a unique, compassionate, and skilled response.

I find tremendous beauty in assisting others through the grief process and helping in the navigation of difficult emotions from both their own experience and understanding how others around them may be experiencing grief.
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